But I Don’t Wanna be a Grinch!!!

My sister and me (i’m the younger one) circa 1979

Spending most of my life in places where it snows, or is at least cold, during the holiday season sure has made it difficult to get into the Christmas spirit down in the Caribbean.  (Enter Clark Griswolds Christmas Vacation movie rant here)   I mean snow and cold is really quintessential to the season right?  At least thats how it was for me growing up.  I remember driving to my grandparents house in blizzards, listening to the crackling sound of the fireplace, and snuggling with my family in my new flannel Lanz Christmas nightgown.  And look at all the holiday movies out there!  I don’t think there is one without snow!

This is my second Christmas in the Caribbean and I’m still finding it hard to get into the festive mood.  The multi-colored, twinkling lights are strung on the house, the stockings are pinned up and waiting for loot, Christmas movies and music are playing almost 24/7 and the tree is adorned with sparkly, white lights and tons of ornaments.  The town had a wonderful holiday parade and is glowing with lights that will no doubt guide Santa’s sleigh to our little rock.  But me…with an average of 85 degree, sunny weather, wearing shorts and flip flops, forgets it’s even December.  I’m really not trying to be the Grinch or yell Bah-Humbug at everybody that crosses my path, I just wish I could get in the merry mood.  So I ask all of you that live in the Caribbean or anywhere else where it’s basically summer all year round, how do you get into the holiday spirit?  Please help me be jolly by commenting below…thanks!

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