What’s in my Beach Bag

There is nothing worse than getting to the beach, towel all laid out, you’re sitting on said towel and applying sunscreen, when BAM!  You forgot your water and you are dying of thirst. Or forgot your earphones and you can’t stand the music the people next to you are playing.  Or getting a horrible headache and have to go home because you forgot your Motrin.  Or finding the most beautiful sand dollar ever, only to have it break on the way home because you forgot a hard-sided container to put it in.

I pride myself on being a professional beach goer.  I have learned my lessons and been through trials and tribulations on trying to figure out over the years what is necessary to have in my bag for my beach outings.  Now we are all different, so this list is by no means complete for some of you or for the other few you may be shaking your head wondering how many suitcases I pack for a 48 hour trip.  But either way, I hope this helps and gives you a good idea of what you might want to pack for your beach outing.

  1. A good size, tough bag, preferably one with pockets.
  2. Two towels.  One to lay on and one to dry off on.
  3. Mask and snorkel or at least swim goggles…because 99.9 % of the time, I’m always looking for things underwater when I go swimming.
  4. A travel size bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo to use as a fog deterrent for said mask or goggles.  Yes, it does work.
  5. Mesh bag for shells or sea glass.  I can’t help it…it’s an addiction.
  6. A few different kinds of sunblock either in spray or lotion form (or both) ranging from SPF 4 oil to SPF 70 as well as sunblock for the face and the lips.  I’ll be honest, sometimes I like to tan and sometimes I like to be safe.
  7. Bug spray.  Especially with the no-see-ums…unless you want to stock up on Benadryl and Calamine and not sleep because you itch so bad.
  8. Baby powder.  No I don’t wear diapers but this stuff works great to rub on sandy bodies before getting into the car.  Slides that sand right off!
  9. A hat.  For obvious reasons like keeping the sun out of your eyes and face…or the wild beach hair after swimming.
  10. Sunglasses.  Duh.
  11. Hair ties…because I want to see coral and fish when I snorkel, not my hair in my face.
  12. Water resistant phone pouch…because getting sand and water on your phone apparently ruins it.
  13. Travel phone charger.  Or not.  Depends on how bad you want to get away from it all.
  14. Water proof bluetooth speaker.  Warning, it may end up being a dancing beach party.
  15. Ear Phones…because sometimes I cannot stand what music the people next to me are listening to.
  16. Reading material.  A trashy romance read or a gossipy magazine always does the trick.
  17. Beach spiker because really, who likes to drink grit.
  18. Water bottle…and one, preferably, that keeps things cool for hours!
  19. First aid kit with band-aids, gauze, tape, Motrin, Benedryl, Neosporin and vinegar.  The vinegar works well for jellyfish stings or stepping on sea urchins.  It’s better than asking your friend to pee on you.
  20. Snacks…because who doesn’t love food.
  21. Brush/comb because if you have thick long hair like mine, it’s nice to brush it after being in the water.
  22. Trash bag…because I care about our beaches and oceans so I pick up the trash I see.
  23. A hard-sided small box for delicate findings like sand dollars or urchins.


Phew!  There you have it!  What do you put in your beach bag?  Please feel free to comment below!




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